Thursday, March 15, 2012

Driver Killed in a Watery Truck Accident in Los Angeles

A 30-year-old driver was killed in a recent truck accident in a bridge, a mile far from Bull Run Road in Los Angeles.

According to police report, an eighteen (18) wheeler truck slid off in a narrow wooden bridge and subsequently fell into a canal as it was shifting its pipe load.

Authorities said the accident happened at around 8:20 in the morning in a property owned and managed by Brammer Engineering Inc.

The truck driver, identified as Otto F. Tello from Channelview, Texas, was declared dead right at the accident scene. Divers had to pull the driver’s body from the submerged truck.

Tello was the only occupant of the truck when the incident happened. He worked under New Energy Transport, a Houston-based Transport Company. He was bounded to Brammer’s Engineering when the drilling pipes that the truck was hauling slid backward and caused an imbalanced momentum which pulled the truck onto the canal.

The truck remained in the murky water until Monday while the pipes are being inspected by the authorities for damages.

The New Energy Transport refused to provide any comment regarding the incident.

Trucks are considered the biggest bully on the road way. Truck accidents are actually one of the most disturbing accidents on the road. Chances of fatality in truck accidents are higher than any other vehicles due to the extra heavy weight of a truck which greatly affects its momentum.

Just like any other vehicle accident, truck accidents can be consulted to a truck accident attorney. Apparently, in Tello’s case, the 8-wheeler truck lost its momentum due to its extra-heavy load. Thus, Tello’s family has all the legal rights for a compensation claim regarding his untimely death.