Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hot Weather Seen as a Factor that Increases Risk of Dog Bite Incidents

 While a lot of people are enjoying the warm temperature brought by the hot summer days, postmen are feeling the opposite way around since warmer weather puts their life at risk.

During warmer weather, postmen become more prone to dog bite incidents as dogs roam more outside during these days.  

Salisbury’s acting Postmaster, Ellen Hebert, affirmed that as the weather gets warmer, the risk of their postmen being involved in a dog bite incident increases. In fact, their office had already received a couple of dog bite incident reports since the end of the previous year though it was not yet the warmest of the season.

Also, in some neighboring office, a similar trend was seen, according to North Carolina Post Office safety manager, Stephanie Harris. Harris testified that since October, the number of dog bite incident reports in their office more than tripled compared to previous years.

Definitely, said incidents during hot summer days have something to do with the dogs’ behavior during such weather. Probably, like most people, dogs love to stay outside to get some fresh air. Moreover, it is usual for dogs to protect their owners, as well as their territories.

To avoid such incidents of dog bites, the office of the Postal Service is conducting a seminar for their employees, particularly for the postmen, to increase their awareness on how they could protect themselves from dogs. Also, the Postal Service officials are encouraging the people within the community as well to help them protect mail carriers. 

The Postal Service advised the homeowners to ensure that their doors are locked and secured during hours of mail delivery. Furthermore, if the homeowner is expecting a package or a mail, it’s best to always keep an eye on their dogs.

The National Dog Bite Prevention Week, which was also recognized by the Postal Service, is held each May. Said annual event provides tips and information regarding dog bite and other animal attacks, as well as responsible pet ownership.

Always keep in mind that biting is in the usual nature of all breeds of dog. To reduce the number of dog bite incidents not only among postmen but also among other civilians, dog owners must be responsible enough to shelter their dogs properly. Public education regarding responsible dog ownership and breeding and dog bite law enforcement are the most effective ways of pushing for responsible dog ownership.