Thursday, March 8, 2012

Government Takes Over Trains after a Recent Worst Train Accident

The Argentine government recently announced that it will temporarily take over the commuter rail operator Trenes de Buenos Aires (TBA) in the middle of the rough criticism of relatives of the victims from one of the worst train accidents in Argentina which happened last February 22.

According to a government decree, officials will take administrative technical and operational control to TBA to ensure the safety of riders.

The recent crash killed 51 people and injured more than 600 morning commuters going to work. Said accident is considered the worst train accident in Argentina since the February 1, 1970 crash which killed 200 people.

The intervention is expected to last for 15 days or longer depending on the completion of the judicial investigation determining the responsible for the tragic rail accident.

According to the initial investigation, the 8-car train from the suburb of Moreno bound to Buenos Aires struck into a barrier at the end of the platform of Once Station, one of the busiest stations in Buenos Aires.

Due to the said incident, issues about unsecure nature of commuter rail, political negligence, and the lack of state control over the management of TBA have been raised.

TBA is owned and managed by Cirigliano brothers who control the most powerful transportation groups in the area.

The decision to take over TBA came after a harsh criticism of the current administration by families of the victims and other state leaders.

At present, the main cause of the accident is still undetermined. However, proper safety measures are already being taken, according to Planning Minister Julio De Vido. Also, investigation is currently in progress and is now focused on mechanical conditions on board the train and on the actions of the 28-year old train driver, Marcos Antonio Cordoba.

Said train operator is still at the hospital for the serious personal injuries he sustained, but authorities assured that he will remain hand-cuffed during his stay in the hospital.

Trains are extremely dangerous more than any other vehicle because of the train’s inability to stop in an instant and stay on its track when colliding with another object. Therefore, though train accidents rarely occur, its impact is almost always guaranteed to be catastrophic.