Friday, August 14, 2009

Unsecured Transmission Cover Causes Crash

Human error accounts for most aerial accidents. Past accidents indicated that error in aircraft’s maintenance has been the more popular cause of crash around the world.

In the May 5 helicopter crash, investigators revealed that an unsecured transmission cover was to blame. The unsecured cover flew off during the flight and struck the tail rotor causing it to break off.

The two Miramar-based Marines Capt. Jessica Conkling, 27, and 1st Lt. Aaron Cox, 26 forgot to tell the mechanics about it. Consequently, the oversight caused them their life.

The investigating report recommended no disciplinary action against the mechanics and the commanding officer.

Securing a transmission cover may be less important that flying a helicopter itself. But the Conkling and Cox’s accident showed otherwise.

As shown by the report, no one was blamed but the pilots themselves.

However, the pilots’ loved ones may bring the matter in the ordinary courts for damage suit. A mere preponderance of evidence is required to win the case. With the help of personal injury lawyer, a suit for compensation could prosper.