Monday, December 14, 2009

Single Mom Dies on Highway Crash

A fatal crash can be a life changing experience for the deceased’s survivors. For a one year old kid, life not only changes but is also uncertain with the death of a mother.

Kimberly Nicole Taylor-O'Dell died instantaneously when she was hit by a car on Highway 101 north of Blossom Hill Road. The incident came about when Kimberly got out of her car to check on a car trouble. While inspecting her car, she was side swept by a vehicle then by several others.

The culprit was never arrested while Kimberly’s remains took days to be identified.

Under the law, in case of an accident, a driver is obliged to stop. This is an obligation imposed on him regardless of whether the driver is at fault or not. Otherwise, they may be liable for hit and run.

Claims for injuries or deaths resulting from car accidents are better pursued with the assistance of a car accident attorney. The victim or his surviving family members may be compensated for the expenses incurred in a car crash.