Friday, July 27, 2012

LA County Regulators to Put Bicycle Lanes to Curb Bicycle Accidents

The Department of City Planning of the Los Angeles County recently held a meeting last July 18 to ask for the community’s feedback regarding the implementation of the first year of the 2010 Bicycle Plan.

The Bicycle Plan is a joint project of the Los Angeles Department of City Planning and the Department of Transportation. The project aims to build at least 200 miles of bikeways every five years. It intends to put a total of 1,680 miles bicycle lanes, paths, and bicycle friendly zones.

LA county regulators believe that community support is not just mandatory for the plan, but in some ways, it is important because of the plan’s possible impact on several issues, like traffic jams and parking.

The team to implement the Bicycle Plan is composed of city staff, some agency representatives, and the bicycling community. The team likewise encourages the community to voice out any suggestions that would help them determine how to proceed with the project’s environmental impact study.

The meeting was held at the Los Angeles River Center and Gardens situated at 570 W. Avenue 26, 90065.

For a lot of people, biking is a form of exercise and transportation. In fact, bikes contribute to the thousands of vehicles that scatter along the streets of Los Angeles. However, biking on the roadways of Los Angeles is not a good idea, since accidents occur almost every single hour anywhere in the city.

Obviously, bicycles are very prone to accident due to the lack of necessary protection. For instance, when a car and a bicycle collide, the biker will almost automatically incur some serious, even fatal, injury. Incidentally, sustaining severe injury from a tragic bicycle accident can be the most dreadful turning point in a person’s life.

In circumstances like this, victims should hire a Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to help them determine their civil and human rights and to promptly file for monetary relief.