Thursday, September 5, 2013

John Clark Gable Finally Charged after Hitting 6 Parked Cars in Malibu

Image gives credit to Neilson Barnard
/ Getty Images.

More than five months after the news about the son of the Hollywood legend, William Clark Gable’s alleged hit-and-run incident surfaced, he now faces legal charges.

According to recent news reports, John Clark Gable was slapped with a hit-and-run charge and DUI in connection with his arrest way back in April.

It could be remembered that the young Gable was arrested last April 2 after rear-ending a vehicle along Pacific Coast Highway and then fled away. He continued to drive until he hit six parked cars but that did not stop him from driving. He only came to a stop when his vehicle struck a garage of a home near the accident scene.

During his arrest, police initially contended that alcohol and drugs were factors to the incident. However, recent reports claimed that law enforcement sources contested that Gable was not drunk during his arrest. Officials believe that Gable was under the influence of prescription medication, reports said.

In his brief interview, Gable told media sources that he had lost his consciousness while driving and woke up just after the incident. Rx meds even backed his statement, claiming that he was indeed taking pills for a minor leg injury he suffered while mountain biking before the incident. Nevertheless, they believe that brain aneurysm has something to do with his crash.

In September 30, he is scheduled to appear in court.

If convicted, he would face jail time. But apparently, that is far from reality since Gable’s claim was supported by the law enforcements who conducted the investigation and even by the Rx meds, claimed by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.