Monday, October 24, 2011

Cars Crashed in La Habra Leaving Two Injured

Authorities reported that two people were hospitalized; one of them in serious condition subsequent to a multi-vehicle crash involving three vehicles, Tuesday morning.
Los Angeles County Fire Department Battalion Chief Art Ellis said the crash has been reported just before 8 o’clock in the morning. The accident occurred at Lambert Road, just east of Beach Boulevard.
Ellis added that a man believed to be in his early twenties was hospitalized with major injuries. However, he is expected to survive after firefighters released him from his devastated Hyundai.
It appeared that the driver of the pick up truck traveling westbound on Lane 1 swerved into eastbound lanes, based on the initial investigation and as written in La Habra police officials’ statement.
According to reports, the truck first trimmed off on a Chevrolet and then hit on the side of a Hyundai, pushing all those vehicles to the raised edge of a sidewalk.
Ellis said that the pick up driver believed to be twenty years of age was hospitalized for obviously minor injuries obtained. The woman driving the Tahoe in her late thirties was unhurt.
The precise of the accident still remains under investigation. Witnesses are requested to call La Habra police at 562-905-9750.
The man who caused the accident sped away in the 2006 Altima, he was driving together with a woman sitting on its passenger’s seat. But he was caught and arrested Sunday and was found out to be under the influence of an alcohol during the accident. The investigation also revealed that the involved vehicle is owned by the woman passenger when the incident happened.
The man is now facing many charges of suspicion of felony evading, driving under the influence of alcohol and along with other charges.
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