Thursday, November 3, 2011

Las Vegas Fatal Auto – Pedestrian Accident – The Pedestrian’s Fault

Despite the increasing number of pedestrian accidents, pedestrians still don’t mind the danger of crossing or walking down the street unmindfully. It seems that pedestrians aren’t aware that they too should have to observe traffic rules and road regulations.

Another fatal pedestrian accident occurred at La Vegas Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue leaving one dead and one injured.

According to police, a couple walking across the street were not in a crosswalk when a car hit the female pedestrian and died right at the accident scene. The female is apparently about _ years old.

Investigations showed that Betty Parker, 69 years old can only be partly blamed since other pedestrians who witnessed the accident stated that the two were not in a crosswalk while crossing the street.

Hopefully, may this serve as a warning to others and a lesson as well. Whether you are a driver of a vehicle or a pedestrian, traffic rules and road regulations must be observed. No harm can be done to anyone if only people would obey rules and regulations.

Though, it may not be the car driver’s fault in this particular pedestrian accident, it’s still a horrible experience to hit and kill somebody. Whether it’s her fault or not, the driver may possibly feel guilty about the woman’s fate. Seeing how the woman died might bring nightmares to the driver’s life.

Currently, Metro staff members are already working with other government agencies and private institutions to finalize a plan on how to educate the public about pedestrian accidents to avoid the rash of the same.