Thursday, October 20, 2011

Los Angeles Police Officer Hero after Foothill Accident

Los Angeles Police Department has a recent handsome image, as one of its officer saved a mother and child in La Canada Flintridge accident.

According to reports on Tuesday, the 40-year-old mother was driving his Ford Escort along Foothill Boulevard at 20-25 mph when its gas pedal got stuck on the floor. She was about to approach the red light that she rushed to call the police station.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Dispatcher Richard Engerbach lifted the handset and asked the mom to shift to neutral gear, switch off the ignition, and turn on the warning lights. The driver was able to execute the emergency steps and stop the car before hitting the red light, reports said.

Reports said the mother's 5-year-old daughter was uninjured in the accident. The woman expressed her thanks for the officer's prompt help.

The dispatcher’s action may seem simple, but it was enough to save the mother and the toddler from serious injuries. Good thing, the woman was driving at a lower speed that shifting to neutral gear has made it easier to ground the vehicle to a halt. Should she have exceeded the public zone speed limit; the car might not have stopped on time.

The woman may breathe a sigh of relief for now, but she should pursue a firm legal action against the manufacturer or dealer soon. She should ask her legal representative or the authorities to examine the defective accelerator pedal. If the investigation shows that the auto part has been defective since the date of purchase, the manufacturer or dealer will face penalties for the negligent act.

The mother may further argue that the defect caused serious danger to her and her young daughter. She may present evidence from the accident scene along with the car’s documents to substantiate the case. If she is successful, she may recover damages.

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