Thursday, January 16, 2014

UPDATE: Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit Retrial Temporarily Denied

After losing their bid to hold AEG Live liable for Michael Jackson’s death last October, Jackson’s family is now facing another hurdle as a judge has tentatively rejected their request for a retrial.

According to recent news reports, the judge who presided over Michael Jackson’s wrongful death case has temporarily denied the family’s appeal filed last December.

Under the said motion for a new trial, lawyers for Katherine Jackson and the King of Pop’s three children, argued that the verdict used by the previous jury was faulty and that the presiding judge erred by refusing them to pursue a negligence claim separate from the hiring case.

Also, the said motion reportedly included sworn statements from four of the 12 jurors claiming that they feel cheated by the outcome of the case. The jurors allegedly blamed the case result on a misleading verdict form.

On the other hand, lawyers for AEG Live likewise filed statements from seven other jurors claiming that they were not confused by the verdict form.

In response, in a tentative ruling issued by the Los Angeles County Judge, Yvette Palazuelo, she affirmed that she did not err in her decision on the verdict form or with the dismissal of the negligence claim.

The tentative ruling was held earlier this month and Palazuelo is expected to issue a final decision soon.

Meanwhile, for the Jackson’s family, lawyers have indicated that they will once again appeal the jury’s verdict.

Apparently, things aren’t getting any better for the Jackson family. This might be their last shot, so they are prompted to try harder this time.

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