Friday, May 20, 2011

Toddler Dies in Los Angeles SUV Accident

How many times have your heard of SUV crash? - Perhaps a thousand times.

Los Angeles has added one more count to its pile of SUV accident cases after a toddler lost his life in a Walnut accident.
Christian Antonio Martinez, 5 years old, was crossing Poplar Place Street when an oncoming SUV struck him on Sunday at 6 p.m. The young boy didn't survive his injuries.

Children who are hit by vehicles even in a 25-mph accident may not survive injuries due to their fragile bones and under-developed immune system. The child who has suffered even a mild force on the head can die within minutes.

Such alarming road condition can become worse when SUV traverses residential areas. SUV has hazardous design with its high center of gravity, making it prone to swerving. It can even have difficulty making a full stop. Even at 25mph, a SUV may lose stability and crash on road objects or a pedestrian. A SUV driver who is already encountering trouble on the wheels may fail to stop on time upon seeing a crossing child.

Though parents have the primary responsibility on overseeing their child's activity near the street; SUV drivers, manufacturing company, and the City Officials can face liability when failing to observe safety laws.

The manufacturer and drivers of SUVs have the obligation to adhere with safety rules to prevent accidents. Also, city officials have to be more vigilant in protecting minors on the road. If these entities fail to adhere with the safety laws, parents can pursue litigation as a way of recovering losses.

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