Thursday, April 28, 2011

DUI Offenses Seems Unstoppable in Causing Vehicle Accidents

Incidents of fatal crash resulting from DUI offenses have been very common these few months. Just few days ago, a Long Beach fire captain was sued for causing serious injuries after striking a 47-year-old bicyclist in a DUI hit-and-run accident in Seal Beach April 1.

Fire officer John Hines was discovered having a .24 percent blood alcohol level, three times more than allowable limit.

In California, the legal limit of alcohol level is 0.8 and if you have been found to exceed this limit, the authorities apprehend you for infringement of DUI driving laws.

Driving under the influence (of alcohol and/or drugs) is creating serious threat on the lives of the motorists and even pedestrians. Almost 39% of all fatal vehicle accidents in the U.S. can be attributed to excessive alcohol intake.

With this large percentage, stricter punishments and higher penalties have been implemented to signify the government’s serious campaign to at least lessen the number of DUI offenders. License suspension has also been prolonged to give the violators more hard time. Habitual violators may now face felony charges after three DUI convictions. Some states also allow days of imprisonment for offenders.

There is no justifiable reason why a person should drink liquor and drive afterwards. Thus, if you know that you will be driving after a drinking session, better limit yourself to a bottle of beer or yet do not drink at all. It is better to drive home safe than to endanger your life as well as other people’s safety.

Meanwhile, if you have been a victim of a DUI accident, you must immediately consult with vehicle accident lawyer and learn how you can seek for damages and suitable compensation. It is your right and duty to let those DUI offenders learn their lesson and cease from driving their vehicles intoxicated.