Friday, May 20, 2011

Criminal Minds Hunk Shemar Moore Files Lawsuit over Bike Crash

Criminal Minds actor Shemar Moore has decided to pursue a lawsuit against the negligent people who caused his bike accident at Sepulveda Boulevard, Los Angeles.

The popular "FBI agent Derek Morgan" filed the lawsuit at Los Angeles Superior Court against Philip Randall and Florence Rosenthal. He is represented by Shawn Holley (Lindsay Lohan's lawyer), according to Los Angeles police reports.

The lawsuit stemmed from an incident that occurred on August 1, 2009 when the hunk model was cycling on his way home and a car rear ended his bike. Moore suffered broken leg and rib. Holley is asserting damages and penalties against the liable parties.

Though it is unlikely for a tough rich celeb to seek compensation, for sure, Moore would like to see the negligent driver penalized. However, his hope to give a taste of prison life
may be infamous as Holley faces LA judges again.

Criminal Minds fans can just put their fingers crossed that Holley will impress LA Superior Court this time.

More so, she will have to convince the judge that the car driver/owner committed the traffic offense, which resulted to her client’s crash injuries. Also, she has to present more evidence that would establish the legal basis for the suit.

Should Holley fail to do so, the defendants can go freely and without a dollar obligation.

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