Monday, March 14, 2011

Fire Accident Damages former Mouseketeer’s Home, Three Persons Injured

In Encino the home of Annette Funicello, the former Disney Mouseketeer was damaged by fire. Fire spokesman named Erik Scott says that two female-one of them in wheelchair - and a male were inside the house. They were hospitalized immediately due to smoke inhalation.

Funicello’s ex-husband, Jack Gilardi said that the 68-year old actress who has a multiple sclerosis was at home with her current husband and a nurse. Gilardi said they were exposed to smoke and slightly injured but will surely recover.

Funicello was a former Mouseketeer on TV's "Mickey Mouse Club'' in the 1950s and had a singing and acting career that included a series of beach movies.

Losing a home is horrifying. I hope that they will all get well and they can get back everything they had lost because of the fire accident. They must be thankful that they were saved from the fire because life is more important than money or a house. It is the most precious gift we ever have and something that cannot be replaced.