Thursday, November 15, 2012

Justin Bieber Pulled over by Cops for Driving Recklessly

Photo originally obtained from JB’s Instagram 
gives credit to TMZ.
Just a few days after rumors about Justin Bieber’s split with Selena Gomez surfaced, the pop sensation again scored a hit in news headlines after he was pulled over by cops for driving recklessly.

According to law enforcement agents, Bieber was initially pulled over for making an unsafe left turn in the white Ferrari that he was driving. However, as the cops took a closer examination at his car’s documentation, they discovered that Bieber’s registration was already expired.

Apparently, Bieber, together with a friend, was having some crazy joyride in his Ferrari at West Hollywood during that night.

Nevertheless, cops told media representatives that Bieber has been cooperative when he was pulled over and asked for his vehicle’s documentations.

Consequently, Bieber was ticketed by the police but it is not yet clear what law he specifically violated.

Ironically, following the pull over incident, Bieber posted a photo over Instagram showing the police car lights on the side mirror of his Ferrari. Obviously, aside from being a reckless driver, he was then driving while using a hand held device.

Meanwhile, following this incident, a Los Angeles accident attorney herein recalled that just a while ago, almost the same incident happened but only on a different location and different celebrity character.

It can be remembered that last September, Amanda Bynes was also spotted driving recklessly on a suspended license around the streets of Los Angeles. Therefore, he likewise wonders what is with the streets of California that celebrities love too much to commit traffic violations on.