Friday, May 31, 2013

America’s Got Talent Star Escapes Death after Smashing Car into Tree

Image gives credit to TMZ.
Cheating death might be far possible, but not for the America’s Got Talent star, Zac Gordon AKA ‘Horse.’

Recent news reports said that Gordon, who has been known for being the guy with the iron testicles, fortunately escaped death following a single car crash in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

According to media sources, Gordon was driving when a deer abruptly ran out in front of his car. As a result, he immediately jerked the wheel trying to avoid the animal. Unfortunately, he lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a tree.

After slamming into a tree so hard, the car flipped over. As a result of which, rescuers had to pull Gordon out of the wrecked vehicle.  He was subsequently transported to a hospital for possible concussion, soar neck and scratches but was later release after several medical tests.

In a brief interview, Gordon can’t help expressing his gratitude for being alive following the incident.

Being a victim of such vehicle accident is very inconvenient. However, in Gordon’s case wherein no one is to be blamed for the incident, he has no choice but to focus on receiving treatment for the injuries he incurred from the incident, commented by a Los Angeles vehicle accident lawyer.