Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Car Crushing Rule Enforced in Indio

Street racing is indeed a “very dangerous hobby”. It endangers not only the drivers but the bystanders and pedestrians as well. It could even lead to property destruction.

Seeing its threat and danger, the Indio Police Department is the first in Coachella valley to initiate the practice of destroying street racing vehicles. In fact, it had begun crushing street racing vehicles whose owners were found guilty of it.

Investigation revealed that some vehicles involved in street racing had been installed with stolen parts. No wonder auto theft is common in the street racing industry.

San Bernardino and San Diego Counties had already adopted vehicle crushing rules thus the dramatic decrease in street racing related incidents and accidents. By adopting the same rule, the Indio Police Department hopes to achieve the same purpose.

While deaths and injuries are not common in street racing, the fact remains that it could still lead to such consequences. When it does, the outcome is usually more serious than ordinary car accidents.

We do have to have these rules to appraise of how dangerous street racing is. We are old enough to know its dangerous tendencies. Self-regulation is the key but when rules are blatantly violated, enforcers should step in like what the Indio police Department did.