Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plane Crash Survivors File Suit

When a tragedy happens, emotions are high, accident site is horrific and everything is in chaos.

But when grieving is done and the accident site is cleared, it is where the real drama begins. The courtroom is usually where the drama leads us.

On September 2008, a plane crash killing four people and injuring two others happened in South Carolina. The injured were DJ AM a.k.a Adam Goldstein and drummer Travis Barker. They suffered burn injuries due to the crash. The two survivors each filed a separate damage suit.

DJ AM filed a case against Global Exec Aviation, Clay Lacy Aviation, Inter Travel & Services, Learjet and Goodyear. He also sued the estates of the two pilots who died in the crash.

In his suit, he claimed that the pilots negligently proceeded to aborting and/or rejecting the take off rather than proceeding to a takeoff after a tire blow out. Consequently, the jet succumbed to fire after the pilots overshoot the runway.

DJ AM based its suit on past and future medical and health-related expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, lost earnings and punitive damages.