Friday, February 20, 2009

Unidentified Man Killed in a Hit and Run

Stop, look and listen have been the written principle for pedestrians when crossing the streets. Being in the designated crosswalk is not enough warning for some drivers to slow down thus, extra precaution must really be observed.

Take for instance another case of pedestrian accident involving an unidentified man being hit by an unidentified car at Interstate 5 north of downtown Los Angeles. It happened at around 4:30 am, too early for people to witness such incident.

Sadly, this incident would just be among the ever-growing number of unsolved hit and run cases.

Having to hit someone is something but to hit and run someone is another thing. It is required for every driver who has hit someone to stop and give aid, if necessary. Otherwise, the law describes it as hit and run hence punishable either by a fine or imprisonment or both.

Some people would go for what they seemed as an easy solution – to run away from their obligation. Remember, you may have successfully run away from the law but in another time and place you or your loved one may experience the same tragedy. I bet the effect would be worse than what you did to your victim.