Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Car Accident Kills Septuagenarian Couple

What could have been a sweet time for this elderly couple turned out to be the day they leave everyone behind because of a horrible vehicular accident.

LA Times reports about the couple who were believed to be in their 70s. The two were struck by a car and killed as they were apparently moon watching and taking photos of the full moon.

Witnesses said that the couple from Walnut was walking/standing in the eastbound No. 2 lane of the Pathfinder Road near Annadel Avenue in Rowland Heights when they were stuck by a Ford Explorer.

They both perished at the scene of the accident.

The driver was identified as Gabriel Mayesiro, Rowland Heights, only 26 years of age. He was sensible and good enough to remain at the scene of the accident where he was immediately questioned. A California Highway Patrol officer said that Mayesiro was neither under the influence of alcohol nor drugs.

Investigators said that they will determine whether the couple failed to yield or Mayesiro failed to see them. If the result leans on the second, the case will be referred to the DA.

If found to be at fault, Mayesiro will be facing vehicle manslaughter charges – a rather unfortunate life changing occurrence considering his age. Something that he should envy his poor victims, who, we can safely presume, had live their lives to the fullest.

Lives, which could have been more, were it not for this unfortunate vehicular accident .