Friday, September 26, 2008

Worsening economy may cause accidents too

Due to continuing rise of fuel prices and worsening economy, people are continually trying to find ways to lessen their everyday gas expenses, or any expenses for that matter.

Some altogether discard gas allowance by commuting – taking buses or trains, to and fro.

Some use motorcycle and bicycles to reduce the continuing micro economic burden that increasing fuel prices brought to American families.

In the State of California alone, the number of motorcycle licenses has reportedly increased – from 908,000 in 2002, the figure reached a staggering more than a million this year.

But as they say, everything has a price. Due to increasing use of motorcycles and bicycles, the accidents in the streets involving them has exponentially increased as well. Cases of pedestrian accidents have noticeably increased too.

However, we can just surmise that this continually becoming a common occurrence would not deter people form opting to bicycles and motorcycles, considering the path that the economy is taking. More and more people are expected to use motorcycles and bicycles to stretch whatever amount we received this days.

In this light, we need more measures and programs, government or private sector alike, to combat increasing motorcycle accidents and bicycle accidents. We need the government to act, but citizens’ cooperation is indispensable; especially it is us who will be greatly affected after all.

We need not say that we need safer roads – and we need them now.