Monday, September 15, 2008

Big Rig caused Great Damage to 6 Cars, Minor Injuries to Person

True to its size, another big rig truck caused another big accident very recently. The Los Angeles Times reported about an accident that occurred in the parking lot of Hill Street Café in La Cañada Flintridge.

News accounts said that a big rig plowed into the parking lot and rammed into several cars parked on it, a large trash bin, and walls and injured one person.

The injured person was not yet identified by police authorities neither the extent of the person’s injuries. He was inside one of the damaged cars and suffered minor injuries.

The truck was reportedly traveling south on Angeles Crest Highway, south of the 210 Freeway when it crossed Foothill Boulevard and plowed directly into the parking lot where it caused a great damage. The rig’s breaks were believed to have gone out.

Some sources state that the trucker, James Bienes, 43, of Florida, said that just before he lost his breaks, a driver pulled her car in front on his big rig and repeatedly hit the breaks.

“She pulled in front of me and mashed on her brakes”, Bienes said. “On about the third time she did that, I didn’t have no more breaks.”

Police authorities said that Bienes was able to avoid hitting other cars as he steered the rig through a busy intersection on Foothill. However, six vehicles parked in the restaurant were hit, some of them greatly damaged due to the impact – one was even smashed down to its frame.

The truck was reportedly carrying about 78,000 pounds of onions en route Los Angeles and caused an estimated $300,000 amount of damages.

At the outset and based on the facts, it is the trucker who can be held liable for the damages produced by the accident. I don’t think he can absolve himself of liability because some woman decided to drive in front of him.

Unless he can establish that this alleged woman acted in such a way as to produce the proximate cause of the truck accident – he will have no choice but to face the consequences brought about by his own act.