Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Liability for Auto Defects

Everyday hundreds of Americans get injured or killed due to defects in their cars. These automotive defects are among the common theories of product liability. Vehicles are engineered machines built for travel and speed. With the bulk of any types of vehicles, automotive defects are always causes of grave injuries.

Manufacturers of automobiles try to come up with different designs and engineering plans to make sure that the automobiles that are going to be built in their respective car factories are among the best ones in the market. Due to the ever growing and cut throat race of making muscle cars and speed machines with sleek bodies, it is not far off from our imaginations that some of these automotive plans will have kinks or defects in their products.

Some product liability concerning vehicles can be due to design defect or manufacturing defects. Design defects in car manufacturing is among the top problems of market loss that an automotive car industry can sustain. Design defects mean that all of the vehicles manufactured are defective and not fit for market use or consumption. One example is the growing number of SUV rollover accidents. The design of some of the recent SUVs are defective making it more prone to roll-over accidents causing large number of accidents throughout the United States. Others are manufacturing defects relating to some problems in the line of production where few of the vehicles manufactured have mechanical or electrical problems for some reason or other causing accidents to motorists.

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