Thursday, July 19, 2012

Porsche: Lohan’s Recent Car Accident Not Caused by Faulty Brakes

When the troubled young actress, Lindsay Lohan crashed her Porsche into an 18-wheeler truck last June 8, she blamed the brakes of her car for the incident.

Allegedly, the brakes of the Porsche that she rented failed to work properly. Actually, right after the incident, Lohan claimed that her assistant was the one driving the car but witnesses affirmed that they saw Lohan coming out of the driver’s seat.

Probably, when Lohan felt like she would be trapped with her initial statement, she then reasoned out that the brakes of the car didn’t work. Since then, she became firm with her statement.

The fact that perhaps slipped out of Lohan’s mind is that Porsche could possibly conduct a follow-up investigation following the incident since its reputation and credibility is being dragged into a controversy.

Apparently, Porsche conducted an investigation together with the Sta. Monica Police Department and after completing a series of tests, the German auto-maker determined that the brakes of Lohan’s car did not really malfunction at the time of the accident.

Now, that is what makes Porsche out of the picture. Most specifically, the German automaker was able to prove that it never really failed to provide safe and quality products to its valued customers.

Lohan’s recent accident occurred while she was filming the movie “Liz and Dick”. Consequently, Lohan was banned from driving until the movie has completed filming. The said directive was probably concerning the insurance policy taken out by the movie’s production company.

Aside from the series of car accidents that Lohan got involved with, she is currently overwhelmed with several issues, particularly family matters when news about her dad Michael Lohan having a baby with his girlfriend Kate Major broke. Also, in Lohan’s drunk driving case, two Beverly Hills judges were said to be disciplined by a California oversight panel for handling Lohan’s case. Definitely, Lohan, as well as her car accident attorney in Los Angeles, is currently having a hard time dealing with the charges set against the young star.