Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Aviation Accident Laws

Aviation disasters seldom happen. However, when it does happen, the injuries sustained by passengers are severe to fatal. Laws relating to claims are also complex and unique.

There are many factors that can cause aviation accident. Plane crashes could be a result of the negligence of the air traffic controllers, poor maintenance and repair of aircrafts, pilot errors, product liability or defective plane designs.

If any of your family members has been injured or killed in a plane crash, you should know that you are in for a battle in claiming personal injury or wrongful death claims as a result of the disaster.

Aviation litigation could be governed in part by the Federal Aviation Act, Federal Tort Claims Act, Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and even military laws depending on whether the plane is a commercial, private or military plane.

Ordinary personal injury lawyers will just not do. The laws are so complex as well as the technical matters involved in the lawsuit that only experienced aviation accident lawyers can adequately handle the case.

After the accident, just don’t forget to hire an expert personal injury attorney specializing in aviation accidents. Do not talk to airline employees or people from the plane manufacturers or their insurance agents. Do not accept anything, money or even sign any paper relating to any matters concerning the accident. Wait for your lawyer to get you through your ordeal.