Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Bus Inspection, Vital for Children’s Survival

Bus accidents happen more often now than before. With a lot of people turning to public commute like buses than to drive their own cars to save money, it is no wonder there are more buses now rolling down our streets especially in California where traffic is getting worse.

Buses, especially school buses have been involved more frequently with accidents causing a lot of injuries to school children on a daily basis. The safety of children being transported to and from school has been nationally and locally highlighted over the recent years due to the alarming number of school children being admitted in clinics and hospitals throughout the country as a result of bus accidents.

Recent study showed that 20% out of 25 school buses did comply with the school bus safety. Some of the defects are minor such as unsecured windows or cracked window screens. However, some have potentially dangerous defects like oil leaks and brake leaks that could easily lead to the school bus being out of control on the road in figuring in a serious bus accident.

Authorities say that many school bus defects can easily be prevented by a daily or routine check of the school bus by the bus drivers before using them to pick up school children.

Bus accident injuries are unpredictable. However, if the bus figures into any collision because of negligence or defect or even poor maintenance, there is a big possibility that a lot of children can get badly hurt including yours.

If you have reason to believe that any of the school buses in your area are not being kept or well maintained, please report this to the school or to the local authorities. Remember the life of the child that you might save could be yours.