Friday, June 22, 2007

Causes of Brain Damage

Brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries a person can sustain. Sometimes, death is even better as compared to being a vegetable as a result of serous brain injury. Usually, brain injuries are blamed on traumatic impact on the head by an object or the head heating a hard object as a result of accidents like slip and fall and vehicular accidents.

There are, however, other factors that may cause brain injury. Medical malpractice is one of them. Medical malpractice or professional negligence as some states call it are becoming more and more popular cause of law suits today. Medical malpractice could result in brain injury as when a person is misdiagnosed and not treated timely for brain injury. Dehydration due to poor health monitoring, infections caused while a patient is being treated and undiagnosed and undetected stroke or cancer are also some of the reasons for sustaining brain injury.

Apart from negligence on the part of the medical providers, some usual causes of brain injury not resulting from force or trauma to the head include negative drug reaction, drowning, electrocution alcoholism, illegal substance abuse and exposure to toxic and deadly substance.

Dealing personally with brain injury is a very difficutl and unthinkable task especially if your brain injury is severe causing you paralysis or other body dysfunctions that stops you from doing everything a normal person does. The costs of treatments and continuous rehabilitations are horrendous as well. But the most devastating is the fact that no amount of money could replace the anguish and grief and drastic sorry effect of your situation to you and to your immediate family.