Thursday, April 25, 2013

Medical Association: Boston Bombing Survivors May Have Incurred Brain Injury

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David L. Ryan / AP.
In wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, the Boston Medical Association has grown concerned about the high probability of the victims suffering from brain injury due to the incident’s explosions.

While many of the victims from the heart-breaking Boston Marathon bombing have received hospital treatment, a medical organization based in Massachusetts says that other victims who survived minor to no injuries may not know whether or not they have sustained life-altering injuries.

According to reports, the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts warned that many people who were within the vicinity of the blast site may not realize that they have been affected and therefore should become familiar with the signs of traumatic brain injury or head trauma.

The association has cautioned that although a person did not incur any physical injury, they may have sustained head injury either due to falling or a blow to the head or by simply being near the area of the explosion.

Consequently, the BIA-MA Executive Director, Arlene Korab has warned that the effects of brain injuries resulting from the blast may not be felt for days or even months. She further reminded that severe blast-related injury may leave you with a long road to recovery. Therefore, it is important for victims to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of head injury and what to do next, she added.

Other symptoms of head trauma include headaches, dizziness, vomiting, memory loss, confusion and sleeping disorders, noted Korab.

In addition, the BIA-MA provided few tips below for the victims to asses whether they have been affected by the blast.

•    Monitoring of behavior. Even if someone appears to be in a stable condition after the incident, there is a probability that symptoms may develop later.

•    Don’t disregard any changes in behavior since it can be a clear signal that medical attention is needed.

•    Athletes, elderly or those people who drink alcohol or use blood thinners can be more vulnerable to injury from the blast.

•    Seek medical attention as soon as you feel something unusual.

Meanwhile, in such kind of situation wherein victims have incurred personal injuries, the law is an immediate ally that will provide them with justice they deserve. Head injury is a serious matter due to its devastating effects. Therefore, it is strictly advisable to follow the above-said tips to avoid any serious consequences that may arise from the brain trauma, claimed by a Los Angeles personal injury attorney.