Monday, January 7, 2013

Toyota’s Wrongful Death Case to Move Forward

After Toyota reportedly agreed to pay more than $1 billion as a part of a settlement agreement tied to a product liability claim, the wrongful death lawsuit filed against the giant automaker has moved forward.

Recent reports claimed that the victims’ lawyer confirmed that the wrongful death lawsuit that was originally filed before the federal court in New Hampshire was now transferred to California where it was consolidated with similar cases.

As previously reported, a product malfunction claimed the life of Harvard Professor Stephen Lagakos, his wife, his mother, and the driver of the other vehicle involved in a car accident in 2009.

Investigation revealed that the accident was caused by Lagakos’ Toyota Highlander’s brake malfunction, which caused it to cross the center line of Route 202 and then crashed into another car.

Now the said lawsuit is set to be heard before the California Federal Court along with other similar lawsuits filed against Toyota.

Consequently, a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer speculated that the lawsuit will likely lead to a settlement as well. Incidentally, the value of the automaker’s vehicles allegedly dropped following the series of recalls and legal raps filed against the company, according to reports. Therefore, settlement is not far impossible in this lawsuit, he said.