Thursday, October 18, 2012

‘Melrose Place’ Actress Faces Charges following Fatal Car Crash

Photo originally owned by Ed Pagliarini 
of AP / The Courier-News.
Melrose Place original cast member Amy Rose Locane–Bovenizer’s trial on her 2012 charges reportedly began last October 4, reports said.

Records show that back in June 2010, the 40-year-old actress got involved in a fatal vehicular accident. She was subsequently charged with aggravated manslaughter and assault by auto charges.

Additionally, previous reports claimed that Locane–Bovenizer was involved in a high-speed car chase in 2010 wherein she was pursued by a car she had read-ended.

Locane–Bovenizer claimed that the female driver of the car she had rear-ended was honking her horn and flashing her lights like a cop and caused her to drive about 20 mph over the maximum speed limit.

The wild-chase reached nearly four miles and only ended when the actress crashed into another vehicle pulling into a driveway. The 60-year-old passenger of the car, Helene Seeman, was killed in the crash while her husband, Fred Seeman, was severely injured.

Meanwhile, during the trial, the police officers who responded at the scene testified that Locane–Bovenizer was intoxicated when the accident occurred. In fact, her blood test revealed that she had a blood alcohol content (BAC) level three times the legal limit.

Typically, the BAC legal limit in most states is .08. Therefore, anything that goes beyond that limit is considered illegal.

Moreover, even the actress’ lawyer admitted that the actress was possibly driving under the influence (DUI) since she took a few glass of wine and a bottle of beer in two gatherings before the accident.

Now, if convicted, Locane–Bovenizer is likely to face 10 to 30 years imprisonment. By many standards, such period of imprisonment is quite long.

In some cases wherein the accused is being charged with a grave offense, the most probable action of the defendant is to offer a plea bargain agreement to somehow shorten the period of conviction, a Los Angeles car crash attorney explained.