Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DUI Severely Injures Two Female LA Teenagers

No matter how much you try to safeguard your young teenager from harm, chances are she'll encounter risks once she heads into LA hazardous traffic. The increasing car crash reports in LA tell how notorious drivers ply the downtown routes. Congested streets, high car population and rampant violations of traffic rules are factors that may have contributed to LA’s infamous reputation as a car crash capital.

On the early hours of Sunday, four female teenagers were riding a Mercedes-Benz, driven by one of the girls’ father. As they approached Irvine Boulevard and Culver Drive, a Toyota pick up crashed onto their vehicle, reports said.

According to reports, two of the high school students were seriously injured and have been treated at a local hospital. The other two, including the father, sustained moderate injuries and were recuperating.

The driver of the pick up and his passenger were not hurt in the accident. Initial investigation of Los Angeles police showed that the Toyota driver could have exceeded the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) limit.

Authorities arrested Austin Farley, the Toyota driver, for Driving Under Influence (DUI) charges with $100,000 set bail.

Under California law, motorists are not allowed to go beyond the 0.08 percent intoxication cap. Violators can be charged with DUI offense, and face expensive fines. Also, the driver may have to deal with stringent penalties, hours of community service, and rehabilitation. The family of the victim can also file a Personal Injury lawsuit to recover damages.

In a Personal Injury lawsuit, the plaintiff must present sufficient evidence to prove that the other party has committed a negligent act. The plaintiff can proceed with establishing that such action resulted to the victim's injuries. If the court decides in favor of the plaintiff, the other party has to pay damages.

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