Monday, May 30, 2011

Motorcycle Officer Killed During Police Funeral Procession

An already gloomy afternoon turned even gloomier when police escorts who are supposed to ensure a safe funeral procession for a colleague’s grieving family got one of themselves killed in a fatal accident.

According to reports, Hawthorne Police Officer Andrew Garton was escorting a funeral procession when his motorcycle collided with a patrol car. His motorcycle hurled at an oncoming traffic and struck a sedan. He was pronounced dead at the accident scene.

Patrol car driver Sgt. Rex Fowler suffered broken leg and was transported to a local hospital. On the other hand, the sedan driver was uninjured in the accident, reports said.

The SoCal officers were escorting the funeral of Manhattan Beach Officer Mark Vasquez. The Vasquez family was en route to Green Hills Memorial Park at Rancho Palos Verdes when the crash happened.

Witnesses commented that the motorcycle officers were at high speed to block traffic. Garton crashed head onto the patrol car and struck another vehicle. The passersby described how the officials "leaped" from one intersection to another.

Police officers were seen blocking traffic to assist funeral procession at streets. They accelerate ahead of other vehicles to alert other vehicles of the ritual. However, the high speed needed to complete the task often puts these motorcycle officers’ safety at risk. "Leaping" from one intersection to another has been hazardous for police officers themselves as well as to other motorists.

What paints a more gloomy hue to the scenario was that the funeral involves the loss of a colleague. Instead of comforting the surviving members, the procession has caused an even more emotional trauma. As you can see, even law enforcers cannot be exempted from the speed regulation in California. It's better to abide with the 25 mph limit on populated zones and 60 mph on freeways than suffer the consequences of one’s negligence.

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