Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do Red-Light Cameras Prevent Vehicle Accidents?

“Red-light cameras save lives” - LAPD

After announcing their plans to renew the contract for red-light cameras, the L.A.’s Board of Police Commissioners received many complaints and other suggestions from critics as well as from some city leaders. Are these cameras really worth its effectiveness in deterring vehicle accidents?

In Downtown L.A., more than 30 units of camera have been placed on intersections and it was able to bring about approximately 46,000 citations. Statics also shows that no fatal incidents have been reported in intersections with running red lights.

With these reasoning, the LAPD their strong support for the continuous utilization of these photo-enforcement system. Yet, they also said that they will not renew the contract with ATS, L.A.’s photo-enforcement system contractor, until further studies have been made.

However, several motorists and even public officials are raising their points on the effectiveness of these cameras. Some of them said that these cameras have been placed on intersections just to cite more drivers and collect more money.

This $3.1 million photo-enforcement system contract still has to face a lot of scrutiny from critics before city council approval. Unless LAPD proves its worthiness and effectiveness in providing us safer travel and preventing serious accidents on intersections, I guess we should divert the money to other programs that are more needed.