Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fiery Crash Kills Motorcyclist at Newcastle Road

A motorcyclist died after hitting a van at Newcastle Road resulting in a fiery crash recently.

The unidentified rider reportedly crossed the center line before slamming into the maintenance van and burst into flames. The driver of the van was lucky enough to survive unscathed in the accident along the intersection of Indian Hill Road and Newcastle Road.

Until authorities have concluded their investigations, we can only think of several factors that can be considered to have caused this unfortunate accident. Here are some of them:

• Driver intoxication. Similar cases have been linked to drunk driving. Keep in mind that motorcycles are harder to balance and maneuver as compared to four-wheeled vehicles. Hence, the rider’s possible intoxication will certainly have greater effects on his control over his chosen vehicle which can explain why he crossed the center.

• Speeding. Most riders prefer to ride motorcycles because of the extra speed they get on the road. However, speeding can cause them to lose control over their vehicle and get into accidents so they should always moderate their speed and keep it within the allowable limit.

• Distraction. Seasoned motorcyclists also get distracted while on the road. Be it an aggressive driver or a road fixture, riders should maintain their focus on the road and always be alert of approaching motorists or pedestrians.

These are just some of the possible causes that may have caused the recent motorcycle accident in Newcastle. The lessons of this incident should emphasize that riders must observe safety rules and always ride their motorcycles more responsibly.