Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plane Crash Injures Four

Plane accidents always result in serious injuries, if not death. This is because escape is hard, if not impossible, when a victim is suspended miles above the ground.

During the Labor Day weekend, Los Gatos resident Karen Trolan flew to Truckee to celebrate the holiday. Trolan was at the controls of a single Cessna-plane. The passengers included Trolan’s husband Steve, daughter Lindsay and family friend Marilyn Mitchell.

Trolan’s group was leaving Truckee Tahoe Airport when the plane failed to gain some elevation, nosedived into the dirt before flipping over and coming to a stop. The Placer County Sheriff's Office reported that the crash site was between Martis Creek Dam Road and Highway 267, approximately 20 yards from the airport runway.

Truckee fire and police personnel were the first to arrive at the crash scene to free the passengers who were trapped inside the plane. The rescuers managed to get them out of the plane before the leaking fuel could turn into fire.

Among the four, Trolan suffered the most serious injuries. She was flown to Renown Regional for treatment.

The Federal Aviation Administration was investigating the crash. In fact, the wreckage was already taken to Sacramento for in depth study. The National Transportation Safety Board investigator Josh Cawthra, stated that they were looking into mechanical and safety issues of the plane.

If after investigation, authorities found out that mechanical issues caused the plane to crash, a product liability case may be pursued against the manufacturer. A personal injury lawyer can help the victims in their compensation claims.