Monday, September 14, 2009

Accidents Kids have to Endure

Due to their tender age, children are susceptible to various forms of dangers. Oftentimes, they become the object of other people’s negligence.

In San Diego County, approximately 25 children below 15 years old die annually due to unintentional injuries. Drowning accidents, motor accidents and falls are some of the causes of their deaths.

The study undertaken by San Diego County's Health and Human Services Agency and Safe Kids San Diego highlighted deaths and injuries among children. Their objective is to send message to officials regarding safety and injury-prevention efforts in the community. Their study showed that unintentional injuries are the number one cause of death among children 1 to 4 years old.

According to Beth Moran, coordinator of Safer Kids in San Diego, although child restraint laws and helmet laws helped reduce the number of accidents, drowning has yet to be dealt with as it remained the major concern in Orange County. In fact, in the month of July alone, 30 near-drowning incidents happened.

The report also listed suffocation and choking as the leading cause of death for infants. Statistics showed that 18 children younger than one died from suffocation, with 12 of those suffocations happened while in bed.

For ages 5 to 14, car accidents were the leading cause of death.

Following these disturbing statistics, Moran encouraged parents to teach their children to learn how to swim early. She also urged parents to properly supervise their children whenever they are near water to prevent drowning.

Moran also asked parents to ensure that their children are properly restrained in appropriate car seats. They should make sure that they use proper seatbelts and their children are seated at the backseats to minimize car accident fatalities.

In case negligent acts attended a child’s death or injury, a personal injury lawyer may be employed to pursue a wrongful death case against the party at fault.