Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3 year old Girl Attacked by a Family Dog

No matter how trained your dogs are, they have hidden and innate viciousness that just pops out at any given time. Unfortunately, in most dog bites accidents, children are the common victims.

In Fullerton, a three year old girl was attacked by their family dog. Police’s investigation revealed that the girl and her mother took food to their pit bull, Fly. While the mother went back inside the house, the girl stayed with the dog.

Moments later, the girl’s brother who was then watching television heard her sister screaming. When the brother went out the house, he saw Fly already standing over his sister.

The girl was taken to St. Jude Medical Center to treat her lacerations and wounds to her face and neck. She was then transferred to Western Medical Center in Santa Ana where she remained in the pediatric intensive care unit.

Fly, on the other hand, was taken to Orange County Animal Care Services. The family had released the dog to the shelter for euthanasia.

The expenses for dog bite treatment are often very expensive. It includes hospitalization, medicines, psychological treatment and often plastic surgery. The victim will be entitled to damages for all the expenses connected to the treatment. This is on top of reimbursement for lost wages, pain and suffering, and sometimes punitive damages.

In this case, the family had no one to blame but them. They have to bear the burden of paying all the expenses since they owned the dog. Had the victim been another person, the family, as owners shall bear all the expenses in the treatment of the victim. In such case, dog bite lawyer may be hired to pursue a personal injury case against the dog owner.