Thursday, September 3, 2009

Car Perched on Freeway’s Center Divider, Driver Unhurt

A single accident invites more danger. It can cause a chain accident more so if it happens in a busy freeway.

In Santa Ana, a Honda Civic was hanging on the center of a divider on northbound I-5 and rested facing the wrong way on the freeway. Other motorists and the woman herself were able to call authorities for help.

The California Highway patrol could not get the driver’s door open so the woman was momentarily trapped until the arrival of Anaheim Fire Department. The firefighters stabilized the car and then forced open the driver’s door to remove the woman.

The woman was safe and unhurt. Authorities did not mention of the cause of the accident.

In this case, no other motorist was harmed. The probability of having a chain accident was averted. This also showed how cooperation between and among motorist and authorities could minimize the occurrence of further injury or damage.

If no other person was hurt in the incident or no other property was damaged aside from the car, the driver would bear the expenses. Obviously, she was negligent in driving the car.

If a victim emerges or other property was discovered to be damaged, a personal injury case or a damage suit could be pursued respectively against the woman through the help of a car accident attorney.