Thursday, August 13, 2009

Police chase ends in death

High speed chases are risky and dangerous not only to the vehicles concerned but to innocent motorists and bystanders as well.

On the part of the chasing police officers, they should know when to stop the chase to maintain the higher concern for public safety and order. While pursuing criminals is their job, they also have the responsibility to protect civilians especially children from harm.

In a police chase gone bad, police pursued fleeing criminals aboard the stolen Dodge Neon in Dinuba. The crooks refused to stop. In the course of the chase, the Dodge Neon hit a pick up carrying a family of seven including five children. All children in the pickup and three men in the Neon were instantaneously killed.

California Highway Patrol found out that all children were ejected in the crash as they were not wearing seatbelts nor their seats had restraints or boosters.

Nevertheless, the fact remained that, upon sound judgment, the police officers could have foreseen the dangerous outcome of the chase. Their experience could have told them to stop chasing the criminal.

Let this be a hard and painful lesson to all. Not all criminals must be pursued at high speeds. They may get away but they could always be apprehended in another time and place less dangerous to the public. Sometimes allowing them escape means saving more lives.

As for the victims, they can file a personal injury case or a wrongful death case upon assistance of an accident attorney.