Monday, August 17, 2009

Woman on Her Way to Work Hits by a Car

Pedestrians are always open to harm and therefore susceptible to injuries. Admittedly, authorities know the dangers that pedestrian are exposed to everyday so they designated crosswalks where pedestrian can safely cross the street.

With this precaution, accidents still happen.

In Stanton, a 64 year old woman identified as Gail Connelle was hit by car as she was crossing the street. Connelle was crossing Beach Boulevard just north of Chapman Avenue when a Lexus driven by a 65 year old man struck her.

The authorities were still investigating whether Connelle was walking within the crosswalk at the time of the accident or not.

According to the National Highway Traffic Association, deaths among pedestrians account for 11 percent of the total motor vehicle fatalities. Every eight minutes, a pedestrian is injured in a traffic accident or one death for every 111 minutes.

Pedestrian injuries happen mostly at the intersections. It also occurs on locations where driver is travelling at a higher speed and not expecting any stops.

While crosswalks could help prevent a car-pedestrian collision, extra precaution should be observed when crossing them as some drivers may tend to be oblivious of its existence.

For Connelle’s loved ones, a wrongful death case may be filed against the Lexus driver. They could seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer to go about the case.