Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Destructive Fire Engulfs Orange County

Fires are destructive and horrific. It engulfs everything in its way. Once it starts, it is hard to put out. Hundreds of lives have been lost and millions of dollars of property have been damaged due to fire accidents.

The fire that raged Orange County consumed houses and apartments prompting evacuation of more than 20,000 residents. The Orange County Fire Authority has

The wind even fueled the fire into a blazing inferno. It picked up speed as it heads up to the hills. Firefighters found it hard to stop the fire because of the thick and suffocating smoke. In fact, two firefighters already sustained minor injuries.

The fire spread out quickly. The three quarter mile fire threatened many other houses. More than 600 homes had been destroyed in Los Angeles and Orange County while 58 homes in Anaheim Hills. About 4,500 homes were already evacuated. The fire had also shut down 91 Freeway, 57 Freeway and 241 toll way.

Wild fires or forest fires such as this incident may be caused by natural intense heat or triggered by negligent people. If negligence attended this destructive fire, victims may sue those at fault for property damages. A fire accident lawyer should be employed to bring a case against the negligent parties.