Monday, May 4, 2009

Bus Driver with Bad Record

Few days ago, a bus with Canadian and French tourists onboard has flipped and rolled over in Salinas Valley which left five people dead and injured more than 30 passengers.

While this incident may appear like a common road accident, it is surprising to know that the bus company Weeks Enterprises has allowed its driver John Egnew to run this public vehicle despite the fact that he had been previously involved in an accident which left a 71-year-old woman seriously hurt.

According to a previous report, the bus driver admitted hitting the woman while crossing the street. The victim, who sustained brain injuries and a broken pelvic bone, survived in the accident and has received $750,000 million settlement from the bus company.

Despite that Egnew has already been involved in a vehicle accident which seriously hurt a pedestrian, the bus company has allowed him again to drive a public vehicle. With this fact, one may think that the accident could have been avoided if only the company has been more lenient in hiring its drivers.

Meanwhile, authorities may find it hard to determine the cause of the accident since Egnew also died with the other four passengers.