Friday, February 6, 2009

Truck Accident on Highway 12

Due to its enormous size, trucks are often intimidating “road mate”. Small vehicles or motorcycles could obviously not measure up in every aspect. Hence, if a truck accident happens, it is surely a dangerous sight.

Dangerous is an understatement in an incident that happened on Friday at Highway 12, Interstate 5.

A 1989 Buick Century swerved into the truck’s lane east of Correia Road. The collision resulted to a fire. Obviously, I need not elaborate on what happened next. For those who were at the accident scene, it must have been a blazing inferno.

The incident claimed the lives of a man and a girl aboard the Buick. The red wine loaded on the truck must have started the fire.

Investigation revealed that the Buick veered into the way of the ongoing truck. Truck driver Juan Prado failed to rescue the victims as flames quickly engulfed the Buick.

A truck crashing with another vehicle or thing is typical but a car crashing through a truck is rather uncommon. Investigators are now inspecting possible mechanical defects or malfunction, as the car left no skid marks.

Until the investigations are complete, the accident remained a mystery as to the possible cause. Human nature dictates that no man in his right man would endanger his life and that of another for no reason at all.