Thursday, November 27, 2008

Train Collision Aftermath

Train accidents denote human fatalities and great devastation and ruins.

Just like any other accidents, train mishaps are inevitable. In fact, on November 20, 2008, a Metrolink train and a freight train collided with one another. Reports revealed that either human error or mechanical problems caused the collision.

According to Ted Turpin who supervises the investigation, Metrolink crew saw two lights before the red signal, which could have alerted them to stop. However, it continued until collision happened.

It was also revealed that the train was traveling 70 mph even after the engineer ran the red light. The engineer also failed to inform other trains and operators in the area that he was approaching a red light.

Consequently, a new rule is now being pushed which require train drivers to slow down to a speed of 40 mph or less when approaching a red signal.

The incident had also prompted Senator Dianne Feinstein to call upon Federal Railroad Administration officials to remove legal roadblocks that would hinder the passage of safety legislations for train operation.

Train accidents are preventable if only proper procedures are observed and authorities manning it as well as its crew and personnel are properly oriented.