Friday, October 10, 2008

A Profile of a Bad Driver

Drivers especially of common carriers are expected to observe extra ordinary diligence. The life and limbs of their passengers lie in their hands.

However, Quintin Watts, a bus driver, failed to observe this necessary diligence when the bus he was driving met an accident that claimed the lives of eight people and injured 30 others.

According to the reports, Watts had a previous criminal and DUI records and history of medicine or drug abuse. It was also found that the he had no license to transport more than 10 people. He was also previously cited for over speeding and other road violations.

It seemed that Watts had the profile of a bad driver. Even worst is the company that hired him and made him drive the bus. I am not being judgmental. However, given the previous and subsequent facts of the accident, it would make you think that way.

Certainly, no amount of caution, prison sentence and road reminders will shield the public from drivers who have negligent tendencies on the road. I wonder what else can be done to prevent this from happening.

I suggest that those who have served prison sentences for accident related incidents such as bus accidents must be perpetually prohibited from driving public vehicles. In this way, the public in general may be protected from possible harm.

I also suggest that to before a driver can reclaim a previously forfeited license and regain other driving privileges, he or she must be required to undergo seminars and trainings.

We should never compromise the general safety and welfare. The privilege of driving especially of public vehicle must be given only to those who are responsible and with high regard to human lives and property.