Thursday, September 4, 2008

More than a Dozen Injured in Pedestrian Accident

There was a horrible accident that happened in San Diego just before the end of this month. reported that at least 16 people were injured when a walkway near a construction site collapsed.

At the time of the accident, there were about 25 people on the walkway. Witnesses said that the walkway’s wooden walls and roof just fell in.

“It was a living nightmare”, said one of the witnesses. “The whole thing just caved in. People were trapped.” Many of the injured victims had just eaten lunch and were living at a homeless shelter just across the street where the accident occurred.

The construction accident caused broken back, leg and head injuries. The scaffolding above the walkway was being look into by investigators as it “could have had some impact on the integrity of the walkway.”

Allgire General Contractors, Inc, the company overseeing the construction of the building said no workers were injured. The US Department of Labor records show that Allgire was fined three times already for safety violations.

The largest fine was $15,750 last December 2004 for not installing guardrails on an elevated platform or stairway in the construction premises.

If it later on found out that, the scaffolding caused or contributed to the collapse of the walkway, which consequently injured the 16 pedestrians, the company might no longer just be facing fine but personal injury lawsuits as well.