Friday, August 1, 2008

Entwined Relationship between Dog Bites and Personal Injury Lawyers

An owner of an animal shall be responsible for everything that it does. This is true to a dog owner whose dog bites or attacks an innocent person.

Thankfully, I do not have pets so I may not held liable but I may be a victim of these vicious pets.

The responsibility of the dog owner arises from the fact that as its owner, he/she has the responsibility to take care of it. Otherwise, liability shall devolve upon the owner for all the consequences of his/her negligence.

The responsibility of a dog owner is discussed in a blog, “Dog Bites and Personal Injury Attorneys Go Together”. The author laid down the liability of the owner from medical bills to vaccinations, from psychological damage to loss of earnings.

Moreover, Jon Farris, vice president for insurance company General Casualty, said that “Pet owners are typically responsible for their animals' actions -- provoked or not -- including medical bills and legal fees". She even suggested getting an insurance to be prepared from any accident concerning your pets.

I may agree with the author when it stated that dog bites and personal injury go together.

It is because injury from dog bites or attacks constitute personal injury. The term personal injury is encompassing. It includes some form of injury either physical or psychological suffered by another. Consequently, injury sustained from dog bites or attacks is intertwined with and included in the term personal injury.

True enough; a personal injury lawyer should be consulted for legal assistance in case any problem involving your pets occurs. They are your protectors so to speak.