Friday, August 15, 2008

Chain Accident Kills Brother and Sister

There was one very sad accident that happened in I-5, Sylmar area lately that left one family grieving for the lost of not just one but two of its beloved members.

The Pogglo family lost a son and a daughter on a single day, Alan and Lindsay. The two are in their early 20s. The California Highway Patrol Officer said that Alan, 23 years old, was in his 2002 Kawasaki Motorcycle while Lindsay was in a car.

Alan reportedly stopped and dismounted in a middle lane for some unknown reason. His sister stopped behind him as if to protect her brother – putting her emergency lights on.

But a pick up truck, driven by one Ronald Benedetti came fast from behind Lindsay car hitting the car in the rear which caused it to hit the motorcycle in front of it.

Benedetti wasn’t able to slow down or stop on time despite the precautions Lindsay made by putting on her car’s emergency lights. As a result, Lindsay and Alan were killed in the accident.

What happened here is what we call chain accident or a multi-vehicle accident. As shown, the accident, or more appropriately ‘accidents’, originated from a single, wrongful, negligent act of one person. It dominoes to the car in front causing it to hit the motorcycle in front – thereby killing the poor victims.

There were reported 4,236 people who were killed in car accidents in California. And a large percentage of the fatalities resulted from chain accident such as this which usually occurs in freeways where cars are speeding.

To the Pogglo family – condolences. But remember that you are not exactly without resort. Too early, it would seem. But the law is in your side. You were wronged; you have all the right to seek indemnification.