Friday, August 1, 2008

Heroic Recovery to a Horrific Truck Accident

Truck accidents can be devastating for both the accident victims and their entire family. Trucks, by looking at its size and weight will tell you its serious and fatal consequences in case of accident.

In most cases, victims experience problems not only with financial difficulties bought by hospital expenses, doctor bills, loss of income and property damage or even physical dilemma brought by their injuries but as well as emotional fear for loss of spousal connection or feelings.

These were experience all by Tim Valadez. Tim’s painful and heroic plight was the subject of the blog, “Firefighter Makes Heroic Recovery from Truck Accident”.

The accident happened when Tim was driving with his fire crew on Highway 15 when the truck suddenly dropped its transmission. The succeeding events were horrific. It took him six years to recover and get back on his feet.

Tim’s recovery was not easy. He faced not only physical pain but also pain from being blamed for the accident until the same accident happened which made the manufacturer pulled 10 trucks with the same transmission.

My conclusion would lead me to believe that Tim’s experience is a clear case of personal injury due to manufacturer’s defect. Consequently, he can file a case against the manufacturer because the accident was not his fault.

The author failed to mention if indeed Tim filed a case. If not, then, Tim might have been barred already by the statute of limitations as the accident happened 6 years ago.